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Apple Inc. observed the sale of iPhone expected to be less than Tuesday, which resulted in an increase in the share of close share of the market when the investors got a glimpse of more important numbers: for the next quarter. Sales projection company.

Cupertino, Kailiff, said the company will be increased from $ 60 billion to $ 62 billion in the next quarter, growing analysts’ chance of $59.6 billion. Predictable estimation is that Apple thinks how to get a market rental in which consumers face interest.

Apple, which gets aproximate 58% of its income from the iPhone, it is necessary to deal with the development of sales for the most of the products.

The greed of fastest and lighter phones send to the stores for the newest smartphones shopper. But over the last few years, even smartphones have some appeal missed, and the user is taking a long time to upgrade your phone.

Samsung Electronics Co., Apple’s chief smartphone competitor, referred less often upgrades as a logic its flagship models lose to deliver hopeful sales in its Monday earns calls. An Apple Mobile Unit tells a reduction of 23% in the sales volume of $ 20.3 billion compared to the same time last year.

Chief Executive Tim Cook says in a statement, Our Q3 results were inspired by continuous sales of iPhone, Services, and Wearables.

Sharing 38 cents later, the trade share increased by nearly 3 percent and on Tuesday, regular trading was 0.2%, up to $ 190.29, the company presented its goal near a $ 1 trillion market price.

Samsung’s vice president of mobile communications, Lee Kyeong-Tae, told investors Monday, “We will also stabilize cost competition and prepare advanced technology in our massive models to aggressively reply to market conditions”.

Apple has historically collection its prices and placed its new phone on this premium cost. But examiners think, Apple launch three new models in the autumn to differentiate their offer and satisfy those who did not upgrade the iPhone X or iPhone 8 that it is a time to buy a new phone.

A new estimate of the Consumer Technology Agreement, smartphones still run a big part of the revenue of both companies, and equipment are expected to generate $ 78 billion in 2018.

Apple and Samsung are also looking for development in other areas of their business. Samsung has emphasized its growing demand. Semiconductor was the strongest type of development.

Gene Munster, a longtime Apple analyst and founder of Loup Ventures said, The results show that Apple has to maintain business growth despite smartphone sales.

Mr. Munster said data proves that Apple’s strategy is working.“This number tells us that is a franchise
Even when it comes to hardware”.

In addition to users behavior, It is also worried that the Apple’s widely-oversized manufacturers can be affected by commercial conflicts between the US and China.

When asked about the tariff on the call of income, Cook said that trade relations are difficult, But Apple needs to work as “Consumer Taxes” Which has reduced economic growth and has taken unprecedented results.

Still, the cook lost the concerns of the lasting results. “We are hopeful because I have been in full time,” It will end because there is no incredible compatibility between the US and China, he said.

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